Volcanic eruption in Krakatau, Indonesia

The largest eruption since 2018

Volcanic eruption in Krakatau, Indonesia exploded at 9:58 pm local time on Friday.
Krakatau Volcano is a world famous volcanic island.

As the volcano erupted, the volcanic ash cloud climbed to a height of 14 km.

Social media users said that the first eruption at Krakau Volcano on April 10 at 9:58 pm and the second eruption at 10:35 pm.

It is said that there have been several explosions since 2 am on the 11th.

Krakatau volcanic eruption

Twitter ID @yasellatuan says, “It blows out non-stop for 2 hours, and you can hear the clear sound of what others are hearing. It feels like a nightmare. ”

Local residents said the eruption could be far away, and Volcano Discovery, a volcanic eruption detection site, described the eruption as “large eruption.”

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