US coronavirus slows

Coronavirus Up to 2000 deaths per day

Coronavirus infections in the United States exceeded 500,000 on the 10th.
In addition, the world’s first 2000 deaths per day.

Johns Hopkins University’s new corona aggregation site on the 10th at 9:50 pm, the new corona confirmed in the United States was 500,000 399, exceeding 500,000.

The cumulative death toll was 18,600, approaching Italy (1,8849), the largest fatality in the world.

In addition, 2,108 people died in the United States during the 10-day period, making it the first country in the world to have over 2,000 deaths in the world.

However, the rate of explosive growth in new corona patients in the United States is shrinking somewhat.
It was the highest on April 3rd with 3,300, and decreased to 28,200 on the 4th, 29,600 on the 5th, 29,600 on the 6th, 3,800 on the 7th, and 3,400 on the 8th. And repeat the increase.

The American corona confirmer did not return to a decline, but it did not increase sharply.

President Donald Trump told CNN on the 10th that “it seems to be heading for far fewer than 100,000.”

US coronavirus slows

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, where the largest number of corona19 confirmed, said, “We are cautiously optimistic that the pace of propagation will slow. Nevertheless, if the economy is restarted too early, a second corona epidemic may come. ”

Some point out that the increase in corona19 confirmed in the United States is decreasing, but it is still optimistic.

Vermont extended its declaration of emergency and related orders by May 15, and Michigan extended its order to evacuate home to the end of April.

Connecticut Governor Ned Rumont told Twitter: “There is data that the curve is flattening. But returning to normal too early will have many negative consequences. ”

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