Trump pays $ 1,000 per American in 2 weeks

Excluding high-income earners over $ 1 million

  • Cash payments are made by check in 2 weeks
  • Trump $ 1 trillion stimulus package

On the 17th, the US government is pushing to pay at least $ 1,000 per person to US citizens as a countermeasure against coronavirus infection.
Cash payments are part of the Trump administration’s $ 1 trillion stimulus package.
President Trump said at the White House on the 17th, “We will go big” to boost the US economy in crisis from a media briefing to Corona19.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he is pursuing a plan to pay cash directly to the people.
“Americans need cash now,” said Steven Mnuchin. “We’re looking at ways to immediately deliver checks to Americans.”
“Trump wants the checks to be delivered in the next two weeks,” he explained.

High income earners exclude cash payments

“It may be a little bigger,” said Secretary of State Steven Mnuchin. “It’s clear that we don’t need to send checks to people who make $ 1 million a year.”
President Trump said, “Payment is one way, but it can take months. We want something much faster than that. ” Said.
“We have a very fast and very accurate way to pay cash,” he explained.

Trump $ 1,000
President Trump said he would pay $ 1,000 per capita within two weeks.

Prompt payment of cash payments from Congress

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said he will cooperate with the administration and begin negotiations with the Democratic Party, saying he will not leave Washington DC until another measure passes.

The government’s economic stimulus market has risen sharply

The New York Stock Exchange rose sharply in anticipation of a weak economy.
The Dow Jones 30 Industrial Average for the New York Stock Exchange closed at 2,1237.38, up 1048.86 points from the previous day.
The rise was about 1000 points. It was not enough to recover the decline of the previous day, which reached 3000 points.
The Standard & Poor’s 500 index ended 143.06 points to 2,529.19 and the Nasdaq index 430.19 points to 7,334.78 points.

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