Trump, Corona virus treatment 'UV and disinfectant' !! Dangerous remarks

medical experts denounce Trump's theory of 'disinfectant

US President Donald Trump has been controversial about how to inject disinfectants into human bodies with corona virus treatment.
President Trump said in a Corona 19 task force briefing on Sunday that he should review disinfectant injections and ultraviolet exposure.
In Trump’s remarks, the medical community is panicking, and the world is in shock.
“The disinfectant can drop the virus in a minute,” Trump said, showing interest in the study that the bleach killed the virus in its saliva within five minutes, and that the disinfectant caught the virus faster than this. Is there any way to put it in the body with an injection? ”
After President Trump’s remarks, Reckitt Benckiser, a manufacturer of lysole disinfectants, said on Monday that disinfectants and detergents should not be injected or ingested or taken by any other route.
“We have a responsibility to provide consumers with the latest information that leading health professionals advise,” said Leckitt Benckiser.
After Trump’s remarks on disinfectants, the medical community said it was “irresponsible and dangerous,” and the Washington Post said it had made doctors suspicious of their ears, and that the medical community warned about the toxic disinfectant injection.
Craig Spencer, director of emergency medical at Columbia University Medical Center, said: “The point is that people who want to be my doctor will die. People will think this is a good idea, “he said.” This is dangerous. ”
CNN said in an article entitled “Trump, Spread Dangerous Coronavirus Therapy,” it was surprising enough that Trump’s remarks would pop out of his eyes. “Come here and watch Donald Trump’s Western-style wandering drug dealer show.”
As the controversy spread, the White House issued a statement in the name of Kayleigh McEnany, a spokesman for the media, and refuted the media reports.
“President Trump has repeatedly mentioned that the American people should consult doctors about coronavirus treatment,” Kayleigh McEnany said in a briefing the day before.
“Irresponsibly, the media that ignores the context of the postwar situation and sends negative headlines in President Trump’s remarks should take care of it,” he said.
Warning: Injecting disinfectant kills you immediately

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