Triple H said he is a player who likes top rival Shawn Michaels.

Triple H mentions 25-year friendship with his favorite player Shawn Michaels

Triple H revealed his favorite WrestleMania match and favorite opponent in an interview with ESPN:
Triple H is “Probablimyself vs. The Undertaker in “Hell in a Cell” [at WrestleMania 28]. They billedit as an “End of an Era” match. Shawn Michaels was the guest freedom. I think was the most meaningful for the three of us — the end of all of our time together, the last big Hurrah in the ring.So that one really stands out tome. ”

And about my favorite opponent, “There’s been a bunchof them. Honorable mentions, for Sure: Austin, ‘Taker, Rock for Sure, MickFoley. But if there is one guy where I could have rolled out of bed on fiveminutes’ notice, and as long as I got my boots tied in time we could have gone out there and done 45 minutes and tore it up without ever looking at each otherforehand? It would have had to have been Shawn. When we’re talking 25 years, we’re talking 25 years of friendship and traveling up and down the road. Wejoke about it now: I know what he’s going to say sometimes before he says it.He knew what I was going to do in the ring before I did it. Even now, doingNXT, we can be in an arena watching something that we’re trying to produce, and we make eye contact and know exactly what each other are thinking. So if I wasgoing to say anyone, it would be Shawn.Which is more of a credit to him thanto me, because he was probably healthy had that with anyone. ”

Triple H is an American professional wrestler and is currently the COO of WWE.
The official ring name is Hunter Hearst Helmsley, but it has a short name of Triple H.

TripleH, who started professional wrestling in 1992, is a 14-time world champion in his career.
He is the third most popular World champion among North American major wrestlers.

Triple H has three children married to Stephanie Marie McMahon, daughter of WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

Triple H, who has been playing few players since 2013, is the vice president of WWE.
I am not active as a player, but Triple H is still alive.

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