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An extremely dangerous tornado has caused significant damage to Falk County by crossing southeast Texas north of Houston.
Several injuries are reported due to the tornado, but it is not clear how many injuries were sustained.
Immediately after the tornado, photos and videos are being released online to estimate the intensity of the tornado.
Video shows the serious damage that the tree is broken and the building is destroyed.
National Weather Service storm spotter Ian Shelton told KPRC 2 he started chasing the storm in the early afternoon. When he got to Onalaska, the tornado had already ripped through the area.
Shelton said there were a lot of powerlines and trees that were downed by the twister. He told KPRC 2 he saw at least a dozen homes with severe damage.
Multiple agencies including the Texas Department of Public Safety, the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office are enforcing blockades, assessing damage and helping residents in the area, Shelton said.
How to evacuate tornadoes
A tornado is a high-speed, high-speed, rising current that is a very powerful disaster that engulfs surrounding objects.
Once you’re caught up in a tornado, you can think of it as the end of your life at that moment.
Of course, if you have time to think about it. Of course, there are some very lucky cases.
Tornadoes sweep over the ground, so if they come, they must be evacuated into designated shelters or buildings, especially in the basement or subway stations, because the basement is the best.
If you can’t go down to the basement, you have to block the windows and hold on to some of the bed-like stuff.
Or you can go into the bathroom and crouch in the bathtub.
If you are outdoors, you have to run away so that you can be at right angles to the direction of the tornado.
If you can not escape, you should be crouched in a ditch-like dent and lie down with your head protected with your hands.

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