Tokyo Narita Airport Corrugated Cardboard Bed Isolation Facility

While waiting for the results of the Japanese immigration test, use the cardboard containment

An extra bed made of corrugated cardboard was installed at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan.
Overseas entrants arriving in Japan at Narita Airport are required to stay in a cardboard containment facility while waiting for the results of the coronavirus test.
On social media such as Twitter and Instagram, the appearance of Narita Airport with an extra bed is revealed.
Tweeter @shizutonene said, “My friend returned from Hong Kong and was instructed to receive cardboard for two days and eat at the airport until the Corona 19 prosecutor. I don’t think it’s Japan in developed countries. ”


Japan must wait one to two days after the Corona 19 test to confirm the results.
Japan was accused of trying to use a corrugated cardboard bed in January.
It was also said to be an eco-friendly material for players participating in the Tokyo Olympics.
It is known that a corrugated bed can withstand a weight of about 200 kg, 90xcm wide and 40cm high.
However, the Japanese corrugated bed was accused of not caring for players.
Japan’s Coronavirus infected 8,403 people, including 712 ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise ships, and 155 people died.

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