Tana Mongeau wearing bikini and shopping at the mart

Bikini photo released at TanaMongeau grocery store

Tana Mongeau has released a photo of her shopping in a bikini on Instagram.

Tana Mongeau has released a photo of a shopping mall with the words “this is all the content i have to provide this week 🥴 i cleaned up & paid for the pineapple 🥴 also ashly and i are on fire, stay tuned 🤑”.

Tana Mongeau revealed a photo of her dropping a pineapple on the floor during shopping but said she paid for both cleaning and costs.
Wearing social distances and face masks due to corona virus
Tana Mongeau also wore a face mask during shopping.

But she did shopping in a bikini.
Imagine, while you’re shopping at the mart, it’s a clunky luck that you’re shopping with Tana Mongeau, wearing a face mask and bikini next to me.

That was the very good fortune at the mart that Tana Mongeau visited last Thursday.

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