Spain's Coronavirus movement restriction state of emergency extended to May 9

Coronavirus daily death toll decrease

Spain’s new corrovirus death toll is over 20,000.
The Spanish Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday that the Corona 19 death toll was 20,43.
The death toll was 565, down from the previous day (585).

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Spain’s coronavirus death toll was the highest in 950 on April 2, and has since declined.
Spain has become the country with more than 20,000 Coronavirus deaths after the United States and Italy.
The number of coronavirus infections was 191,726, an increase of 3,658 from the previous day.

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Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez says he will ask Congress to extend the state of emergency for 15 days until May 9.
Sanchez said he wants to ease measures against children and may allow them in limited circumstances after the 27th.
Spain suspended all non-essential economic sectors for 14 days in full to prevent the spread of Corona 19 on March 30.

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez

However, the spread of Corona Corona 19 has peaked, and from 13th, we have lifted restrictions on activities in construction and manufacturing sectors that can not work remotely.
However, the state of emergency and the national movement restrictions will continue until the 25th.

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