Song Jung-ki film ‘Sun of You and Me’ Get off

Song Jung-ki Corona 19 to adjust schedule for second half of this year

Actor Song Jung-ki decided to get off the movie ‘You and My Season’.
Song Jung-ki, a member of the company High Story D & C, said on May 5, “SongJung-ki will not appear in You and My Season. “We have not yet confirmed anything, but we plan to concentrate on the promotional schedule for the movie ‘Win Riho’, which is about to be released,” he said.

Song Jung-ki is adjusting the schedule for the second half of the year as the movie “Bogota” is postponed.

Song Jung-ki was scheduled to participate in the opening of ‘Win Riho’ and ‘You and My Season’ after finishing the ‘Bogota’ shooting in Bogota, Colombia this year.

However, due to Corona 19, the film ‘Bogota’ was stopped and returned to Korea in March.
The movie Bogota, which was discontinued, is inevitable due to the postponement of the movie from summer to next year.

The movie Bogota is now 40% of the shooting.

Song Jung-ki’s film, You and My Season, is about the story of famous singers You Jaeha and Gim Hyonsik who died in Korea. Song Jung-ki was going to play the role of You Jaeha.
The movie You and My Season drew great expectations as Song Jung-ki, actors Jin Seon-gyu and Kim Hye-joon were cast
YouJaeha, played by Song Jung-ki, was not seen.

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