Sixty more SpaceX communications satellites have been launched successfully

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SpaceX has successfully launched 60 Starlink communications satellites in addition.
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, which carries 60 Starlink satellites, was launched at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 12:30 on the 22nd of the Pacific Time (PT).
SpaceX launched rocket number 7 and 420 of its 12,000 planned satellites entered orbit.
In the previous launch, SpaceX failed to get the propellant company but this time it managed to recover the rocket.
After the rocket launch, the second stage rocket propellant and communication satellites were headed to space low orbit, and the first stage rocket propellant landed on a marine drone barge in the Atlantic Ocean and was safely recovered.
SpaceX aims to bring more than 1,000 communications satellites into orbit by the end of this year.
SpaceX has already been approved to launch 12,000 rockets into space to the US Federal Communications Commission.
SpaceX hopes to provide a global internet range in space. When enough satellites are released, the company plans to sell user terminals to customers that can apply patches to satellite networks.
The current plan will release partial coverage in Canada and the United States this year and global coverage in 2021.
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the company needed about 400 satellites to provide initial operational capabilities and then 800 satellites to crash to critical operational capabilities.

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