Seto Koji & Yamamoto Mizuki Announces Marriage

Wedding, no reception, no Yamamoto pregnancy.

Actors Koji Seto, 32, and Mizuki Yamamoto, 29, announced their marriage on Friday.

The two actors’ marriage announcement was announced through their two agencies: Seto Koji and Mizuki Yamamoto submitted marriage reports and started living together at the ward office in the province.

Seto Koji and Mizuki Yamamoto have grown their love by co-starring in the 2019 Fuji TV drama Perfect World.

Yamamoto Mizuki & Seto Koji

In ‘Pefect World’, Setokoji played the role of Matsuzaka’s classmate, covering Mizuki Yamamoto, the main character.

In the drama, Mizuki Yamamoto and Seto Koji had a kiss, and as a common hobby of drawing, they developed into lovers in reality, not drama.

A happy report is known amid the dark conditions of the new corona virus and floods.


Seto and Yamamoto seem to have omitted weddings and receptions because of the dark situation due to the new corona virus and flood damage.

Yamamoto Mizuki & Seto Koji

Fukuoka Prefecture, the hometown of the two people, is suffering from Corona disaster and heavy rain.

The two released photos of their white suits and handwritten documents to fans.

“I was convinced that we had more time to face ourselves in this situation and that we did not want to lose each other in it,” the document said. “We want to build a calm family that is overflowing with our kindness, which is similar to common hobbies.”

Yamamoto Mizuki & Seto Koji

According to officials from Seto and Yamamoto, the wedding ceremony and reception are not yet scheduled. There is no press conference.

A happy report is known amid the dark conditions of the new corona virus and floods.

Mizuki Yamamoto (Yamamoto, Mizuki) born July 18, 1991 in Fukuoka Prefecture; 29 years old; 167 centimeters tall. He won the Grand Prix at the 1st Tokyo Super Model Contest in 2009 and made his exclusive model debut in the fashion magazine “CanCam” 12th issue of the same year. In 2011, Fuji TV debuted as an actress with “Let’s Be Happy.” In 2012, Kirishima made his film debut with “Kirishima quits club activities”.

Yamamoto Mizuki & Seto Koji

Seto Koji (Seto Koji) Born May 18, 1988 in Fukuoka County; 32 years old; 174 centimeters tall. He won the Grand Prix in 2005 at the 2nd D-BOYS Audition and made his debut in the entertainment industry. In 2008, he was the main character of TV Asahi “Mask Rider Kiva”.In 2017, he won the 72nd Culture and Arts Festival’s Best New Artist Award in the theater category.

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