Seo Yeaji waist size 22 inches CG

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Seo Yeaji What’s the secret to waist size 22 inches?

The back of actor Seo Yeaji caught the hearts of drama viewers.
On the 5th, TVN Psycho, but on the 6th broadcast, Seo Yeaji went to the hospital where Kim Soo-hyun worked.

Seo Yeaji waist

Seo Yeaji waist

In this scene, Seo Yeaji appeared in a pink two-piece with a thin waist.
All viewers who watched the broadcast were surprised because the Seo Yeaji waist was so thin.

After the broadcast, netizens are responding to the Seo Yeaji waist, such as computer graphics (CG), how big is the Seo Yeaji waist?, and unrealistic body.

Seo Yeaji waist

But the Seo Yeaji waist is not CG.
Seo Yeaji is known as 169cm tall, 43kg in weight and 22in in waist size.

Seo Yeaji says he is constantly managing his body with yoga and ballet

Psycho but it’s okay. Since then, Seo Yeaji has been known as a skinny actress.

Written Location: Korea

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