Republican Senator Rand Paul Corona19 Test Positive

Coronavirus stimulus bill fails in key Senate procedural vote

As the number of people infected with coronavirus in the United States increased rapidly, exceeding 30,000, Congress also faced an emergency.
Republican Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky was positive during the Corona 19 test, and all of the members he contacted went into containment.
“I was told by my doctor to isolate my home immediately,” Republican Senator Mitt Romney said on Twitter, “but I’m going to get tested for any symptoms.”
Sen. Mitt Romney recently sat next to Rand Paul.
Because of the containment, Mitt Romney was unable to vote in the Corona 19 relief package in the Senate.
He asked Twitter to “pass the relief package.”
In addition to Mitt Romney, more lawmakers are being isolated from home.
On the same day, Republican Congressman Mike Lee also reported on Twitter that he was sequestered.
CNN said Republican Cory Gardner and Senator Rick Scott are also in isolation.

Corona 19 Relief Package Senate Procedure Voting Failed

The Corona 19 relief package, up to $ 2 trillion, promoted by the Donald Trump administration, failed to vote in the Senate process.
A minimum of 60 votes is required for the Corona19 Relief Package Act to pass the Senate ballot.
However, as a result of the Senate’s vote, the 47-47 bill failed.
The Corona 19 relief package has been struggling since the first start of the Senate.
The Trump administration’s Corona 19 relief package includes cash payments to individuals, support for SMEs, and enhanced unemployment insurance.
It is also known to include measures to enable the Federal Reserve to provide liquidity up to $ 4 trillion.
The Democratic Party said the Republican legislation was focused solely on corporate remedies, and needed stronger support for health workers and workers.
The Democratic Party insists that it must add strong workers protection provisions to prevent companies from firing workers, but the Republicans are refusing it.

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