Ramadan 2020: Dubai shopping malls run, social distances eased

Social Distancing Relaxed During Ramadan

The most sacred Ramadan in the Islamic State began on the 23rd.
Muslim believers around the world will enter Ramadan for a month from April 23.
Ramadan, which means a hot moon in Aramaic, is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar.
It is known as the fasting month, which keeps food away and reflects on itself while the sun is floating.
If Ramadan, one of the five Muslim duties, is declared, Muslim believers will fast for a month.
Not only do you not put water and food on your mouth until the sun rises and the sun goes down, but you also look back at yourself five times a day, avoiding smoking and entertainment except for sick people and pregnant women.
However, 2020 Ramadan is expected to become a special Ramadan as people stay at home due to the corona virus.
In Dubai, less than 10 people were allowed to meet during Ramadan.
Dubai residents can visit their families during Ramadan, according to new guidelines published Wednesday by the Department of Urban Economic Development (DED).
DED is largely mitigated in the 24-hour Dubai closure to prevent corona viruses, allowing residents to meet with their families and jog daily.
The document states that people are advised to leave their homes only if necessary, while explicitly allowing family visits.
It also means that up to 10 people are allowed to meet, and the document must have social distances in less than 10 meetings to the extent that physical contact such as hand shay kings and hugs is not allowed.
“I strongly recommend that the meeting is a minority, and that it is limited to large families and very close friends during the futoor/suhoor.”
But meetings for prayer are forbidden.
Family members can pray together only if they live in the same household.
Under the new guidelines, one outdoor activity is allowed per day during Ramadan:
People can walk, run, or ride a bicycle.
But when you leave home, you have to wear a facial mask and always keep your hand sanitizer.
Dubai shopping mall business
The UAE Dubai Economic Office has set up a plan to allow shopping malls to operate on condition that they follow the strengthened hygiene rules.
The Dubai government has set a hygiene rule that limits business hours to three hours and wears masks when entering shopping malls.
In addition, only 30% of the capacity was sent in to maintain social distance, and those aged 3 to 12 and 60 or older were prohibited from entering the shopping mall.
The mall operator must check the temperature and health of the visitors and disinfect the entrance and toilet from time to time.
The Abu Dhabi government is also reviewing ways to resume shopping malls on the condition that sanitary formulas are applied to similar levels to Dubai.
The UAE government banned the operation of public facilities such as shopping malls and parks where people gather on March 25.
The shopping mall, which had conditions but was banned due to corona virus, resumed in a month.
The resumption of shopping malls is April 23, when Ramadan begins.
In the Islamic world, fasting is fasting during Ramadan, but after the sun goes down, there is a custom to invite family and acquaintances to serve a lot of dinner.
After dinner, many people use shopping malls and parks until after midnight.

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