Prince Charles of England has been infected with coronavirus. 6,700 people infected in the UK

Prince Charles has become infected but in healthy condition

  • Prince Charles Coronavirus infection
  • 6,700 people in the UK have been infected
  • The Duchess of Cornwall is not infected with coronavirus

Prince Charles, 71, the crown prince of England, has been infected with coronavirus.
Clarence House, who is in charge of the British royal family, said on Tuesday that Prince Charles was infected with coronavirus.
According to the British royal family, Prince Charles has been infected with coronavirus, but he has mild symptoms and is in good health.
Comilla, 72, Duchess of Cornwall, said she had been tested for corona, but was not infected.
Prince Charles and the Duchess are currently in self-containment at their Scottish home.
Prince Charles has attended many tasks and events over the past few weeks and has met several people, so he can not confirm where the virus has become infected.

prince charles
Prince Charles of England and Duchess of Cornwall
Prince Charles has been infected with coronavirus, but Queen Elizabeth, who is 94 this year, is not infected.
As Corona 19 spread, Queen Elizabeth left Buckingham Palace 10 days ago and moved to Windsor Castle in west London.
Currently, there are 6700 people infected with coronavirus in the UK and 335 people died.

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