North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Suspects Health Problem

President Trump says good luck to Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly recovering from cardiovascular surgery.
CNN and South Korea’s online newspaper DailyNK said Kim Jong-un was in the recovery stage after undergoing cardiovascular surgery on December 12.
Kim Jong Eun has not shown any appearance at the official event recently, adding to the suspicion that health problems have occurred.
Kim Jong-un, a young North Korean leader in his 30s, did not attend his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15.
This is the first time he has not attended his grandfather’s birthday celebration since becoming a North Korean leader in 2012.
In North Korea, April 15 is called the Sun Day on the anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birthday and is the biggest holiday in North Korea.
While Kim Jong Eun is not attending the biggest holiday event in North Korea, many media have doubts that Kim may have had a problem.

Kim Jong Un

DailyNK said Kim Jong-un is recovering from cardiovascular surgery at Kim’s exclusive hospital in Myohyangsan district, North Pyongan Province on the 12th.
Medical staff from Pyongyang said they returned to Pyongyang on the 19th, judging that Kim Jong-un’s condition was improving, and only a part of it remains now.
After CNN and DailyNK reported, the South Korean government said, “There is nothing to confirm regarding Kim’s health abnormalities.”
But as the suspicion continued that Kim Jong Un had a health problem, a senior South Korean presidential official said, “Kim is currently in the province with his aides.“We are not aware of any specific trends that could support the health anomaly,” he said.

Kim Jong Un

Speaking at a White House press briefing on Sunday, Mr Trump said of Kim’s condition:
“I’ve had a very good relationship with him. I wouldn’t — I can only say this, I wish him well, because if he is in the kind of condition that the reports say, that’s a very serious condition, as you know,” Trump said. “But I wish him well.”
The president added: “I’ve said it and I’ve said it many times, if somebody else were in this position right now we would be at war with North Korea … So I just have to say to Kim Jong Un, I wish him very, you know, good luck.”

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