More than 90 killed in Pakistan plane crash

The death toll from a residential crash is increasing.

A Pakistani airliner carrying 98 passengers and crew crashed near a residential area.
Most of the passengers were killed, and two survivors were reported to be alive.

Pakistan’s Airbus A320), a passenger plane belonging to Pakistan International Airlines (PLA), crashed in a village near Jinna International Airport in Karachi, Sindh.

Initially, 107 people were reported to have boarded the plane, but Pakistan International Airlines said 99 passengers, including 91 passengers and 8 crew members, were on board.

Pakistan passenger plane crash

Pakistan International Airlines said the pilot lost contact with MAYDAY three times, a slogan to inform the emergency, and the cause of the accident is estimated to be a gas defect.

Pakistan Aircraft Witness / Allah Tawaqal
“I saw a lot of smoke coming from the roof of the house, and I went straight to the scene, where I saw the wreckage of the cockpit and the pilot inside.”

Pakistan passenger plane crash

Survivor / Muhammad Zubair
“There were children, men and women, and old people on the plane, and when we got back on the runway, everyone started screaming and crying and praying.”

Pakistan’s aircraft crash rescue authorities have declared an emergency in all hospitals near Jinna Airlines and are identifying the casualties transferred to the hospital.

Currently, at least 56 bodies have been taken to hospitals in Karachi near the Pakistani aircraft crash, and the body of the dead is expected to increase further.

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