Little Richard dead

Little Richard, bone marrow cancer, died at 87

Little Richard died Saturday morning (May 9) at 87.
Little Richard’s lawyer says bone marrow cancer is the cause of death:
Little Richard’s family said in a statement that Little Richard died of bone marrow cancer in Tulahoma, Tennessee.

Little Richard has called himself “the designer of rock and roll.” Little Richard, one of the rock and roll pioneers, is an American composer and singer, and his real name is Richard Wayne Penniman.
Born in Macon, Georgia in 1932, Little Richard left numerous plays from the mid-1950s, including ‘Tutti Frutti’ and ‘Long Tall Sally’.

The Associated Press also said of Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti, “With the release of 1956, it made an explosion from radio and record players across the United States and landed like a grenade.”
Little Richard has also set a record of selling over 30 million albums worldwide.

Little Richard’s music was gaining popularity during the period of racism in the United States.
But Little Richard’s music showed the magic that attracted young black and white fans at the same time.

In past interviews, Little Richard said, “I’ve been thinking that rock and roll unites all races; I’m black, but I don’t care about fans. I like it, “he said.” I am a founder and liberator. I am a designer of rock and roll. ”
In particular, Little Richard captivated fans with his unique costumes, makeup, and performances on stage.

Little Richard toured Europe with Beatles and Rolling Stones as his opening band, and once shared Jimi Hendrix as a guitarist in his band.

Little Richard had a great influence on the singers after the innovative showmanship, performance, and singing at the beginning of rock and roll.

The Shauting Window by Paul McCartney of Beatles, the intense piano playing by Elton John, James Brown’s spectacular showmanship, and Prince’s positive image were all influenced by Little Richard.

Bob Dylan wrote on his high school graduation album that his ambition was “to enter Little Richard’s band”, and Paul McCartney said, “The first song in front of the public was Long Tall Sally.”
Little Richard was respected by many as the founder of rock and roll, which played a decisive role in popular music in the 20th century.

Little Richard was named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, and was named to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1990 and the Composer Hall of Fame in 2003.

Born in 1932 in St.Church and bricklayer father and mother Cythes, a Baptist believer, Little Richard was greatly influenced by the Gospel singer since childhood.
After finishing junior high school, Little Richard gave up high school and went into the band and sang rhythm and blues and even directed drag.

Little Richard, who has been prominent in music since then, signed a contract with Peacock Records in early 1950, starting with the big record label RCA Victor, and released several single albums.
However, Little Richard, who continued his musical activities without much success, became the best star in 1955 when he hit Tutti Frutti after signing with Specialty Records.


In the special, Little Richard released nine Billboard Top40 hits and three studier albums, including “Here’s Little Richard”, which is considered the best album for his album.

When the Soviet Union succeeded in launching the first satellite Sputnik No.1 of mankind in 19587, Little Richard accepted it as a revelation of God and repented of the music of the world, and later repeated his retirement and comeback several times, going between popular music and religion.

Little Richard, who had not made as many hits as before since the special, continued his musical career until the mid-2000s with 16 more albums including Gospel Ambum.
Meanwhile, many junior musicians are mourning and saddened by Little Richard’s death.

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