Linda Tripp died, who presented crucial evidence for the Clinton impeachment case

Linda Tripp, who revealed the scandal that surprised the world in 1998

Linda Tripp, 80, who killed former Bill Clinton in an impeachment crisis, died of pancreatic cancer on the 8th.
Linda Tripp is a woman who made known to the world the scandals of former President Clinton and White House intern employee Monica Leannesky.

“Sadly Linda passed away today,” said Joseph Tripta, lawyer for Linda Tripp.
Tripp’s daughter Alison Tripp Polly said on Facebook, “Mom is leaving Earth. “I don’t know how to survive this painful situation.”

Linda Tripp has been diagnosed with late stage intestinal / lymph node cancer in the past few days. Tripp had previously been treated for breast cancer.

Linda Tripp, shook the United States in 1998.
Linda Tripp secretly recorded the conversation with Monica Leannesky and released it to the world.
Tripp and Leannesky met while working in the Pentagon.

Linda Tripp was hired as a public servant at the Pentagon in August 1984, and after completing the White House internship, she became acquainted with Leannesky, who worked at the Pentagon.

Tripp, while talking on the phone with Leannesky, secretly recorded Leannesky’s relationship with former President Clinton.

Linda Tripp

In December 1997, Tripp handed over 20 hours of recording tape to a special prosecutor Ken Starr.
Later, the scandal case became known to the world.

With the release of the recording tape, Leannesky turned back, saying that she felt severe betrayal, and Tripp said, “I did something that could be considered a patriotic mission.”

Former President Clinton put the scandal in impeachment. However, as the impeachment proposition was rejected in the Senate, the term ended.

Tripp was fired from the Pentagon after the retirement of former President Clinton, and later lived in Virginia running a Christmas goods store.

Lewinsky said on Twitter when the fact that Linda Tripp was at risk was reported to the media, “no matter the past, upon hearing that linda tripp is very seriously ill, i hope for her recovery. i ca n’t imagine how difficult this is for her family. ” Said.

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