Lebanese explosion, anti-government protests, about 100 people injured

Police launch tear gas at protesters, offer early general election for Diabean prime minister

A massive protester denouncing the government in connection with a massive explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, clashed with police, causing 100 injuries.

Thousands of Lebanese protesters gathered at the martyrdom plaza in central Beirut to demand the resignation of the regime.

beirut explosion demonstration

Reuters said there were about 5,000 participants in the demonstration.

The protesters designated it as a “saturday of revenge” and insisted that justice be set for the victims of the Beirut explosion.

The protesters shouted, “The people want the fall of the regime,” and heard a sign saying, “Go away, you are all murderers” toward the government.

beirut explosion demonstration

Protesters threw stones at police and some attempted access to the parliamentary building.

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters, causing a physical clash.

Police and protesters clashes injured 109 protesters, bringing 22 people to hospital, the Daily Star reported.

It is pointed out that the Beirut explosion occurred by neglecting large-scale ammonium nitrate.

beirut explosion demonstration

Six years ago, cargoes were unloaded after a cargo ship carrying 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate was detected, and the Lebanese government estimates that ammonium nitrate was exploded at the port window.

The Beirut explosion destroyed 6,200 buildings in shock, and 300,000 people were found homeless.

100,000 of them were children, it said. It also estimated the damage to $15 billion.

beirut explosion demonstration

The Lebanese Ministry of Health has now said at least 154 people have died, 25 of them unidentified and 60 are still missing.

Lebanese government officials were angry at the Lebanese people for not taking any action after learning that the high-risk explosion, ammonium nitrate, had been left in the Baylort port warehouse for years, according to the Lebanese government documents.

beirut explosion demonstration

The people have become protesters themselves and come to the streets, and the government’s incompetence and politicians are protesting against corruption.

As the protests escalated, Prime Minister Hassan Diabe said on the 8th that he would ask the Lebanese parliament to implement an early general election to resolve the political crisis caused by the Beirut explosion.

beirut explosion demonstration

“We cannot escape this crisis without an early general election,” Diab said in a live televised address, adding that political parties should stop and cooperate to help Lebanon escape the shock of the explosion.

He also said he would keep his prime ministerial position for two months so that structural reform bills can be passed in parliament in Lebanon.

As anti-government protests spread, three members of the Lebanese opposition Christian party, the Katyab Party, announced their resignation.

The Beirut explosion killed Najab Nazarian, the secretary general of the Katyab Party.

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