Korea ‘I have no intention of solving the Japanese problem’ WTO manufacturing decision

Japan regulates exports as a retaliatory measure following the KOREA Supreme Court ruling.

In Korea, Japan decided to manufacture the WTO because it did not have a willingness to solve the problem of export regulation.

Korea plans to inform the international community of the unfairness of Japan’s export regulations to Korea through the WTO dispute settlement process and resolve uncertainties.

South Korea said it will continue to talk with Japan along with WTO manufacturing.

korea wto

Japan’s export regulation is a retaliatory measure against the Korean Supreme Court’s ruling on the compensation for forced labor in Japan, which is also said to be politically and diplomatically solved by Japan and Korea.
South Korea asked Japan to disclose Japan’s position by the end of May regarding the regulation of export of three items and the decision to exclude whitelists against Korea, but Japan did not respond.

Japan changed three items, including semiconductors, photoresist, fluorine lollimide and high-purity hydrogen fluoride, which are key materials needed for display manufacturing, from general comprehensive permits to individual permits in July 2019 as a retaliatory measure against the Korean Supreme Court’s ruling on compensation for forced labor in Japan.

In August, Korea was excluded from the white list, which recognizes the benefits of simplifying the approval process when exporting its own companies.

korea wto

Japan cited reasons for the lack of legal grounds and insufficient manpower in the export review management organization, as the Korea-Japan policy dialogue was not held due to export regulations, which undermined trust relations, and the catch-all regulation, which restricts the export of goods that can be used in conventional weapons.

Korea has solved all the problems raised by Japan through institutional improvement and asked Japan to clarify its position on export regulations, but Japan has not turned export regulations back to the past, so Korea has decided to borrow the power of international organizations.

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