Ken Shimura, a Japanese national comedian, was infected with Corona19 and died.

Coronavirus death of first famous person in Japan

  • Ken Shimura, 70 years old, died of corona19 infection
  • Coronavirus death of first famous person in Japan
  • Ken Shimura Activity until recently

Japanese famous comedian Ken Shimura died in a hospital in Tokyo with Corona 19.
Ken Shimura was taken to the hospital on the 20th with symptoms of Corona19 on the 17th.
After that, he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia.
Subsequently, Ken Ken Shimura announced the infection of Corona 19 on the 25th.
He was treated at the hospital, but died at 11:10 pm on the 29th.
Ken Shimura, a native of Tokyo, is a member of the popular comedy band “The Dripping”.
He has been active in TV, movies and venues until recently, and was greatly loved by the Japanese people.
Ken Shimura also conducted a TBS popular program ‘Comparison of Comparative Travel’.

This is the first time in Japan that a celebrity such as Ken Shimura has been infected and killed by Corona 19.

Ken Shimura

Born in 1950, Ken Shimura appeared in many popular programs such as Fuji TV’s ‘Shimura Night’ and ‘Genius Shimura Zoo’ even in old age, and has been called “ the godfather of the Japanese comedy world. ”
At the end of this year, the first starring movie ‘God of Movement’ was scheduled to be released, but sudden death was reported.

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