K POP girl group Girls’ Generation Seo hyun esquire magazine pictorial

I looked back at Seo Hyun and it was too harsh for me.

K POP star girl group ‘Girls’ Generation’ Seo hyun filmed fashion magazine ‘Esquire’ pictorial.

Seo hyun, who came to the filming with jeans, white T-shirts and tongs tied up with a pin, alternately wore a chic black dress and a red dress, and she gave off her charm.

Seo hyun said, “When I was in action, I did musicals, acting, performing, performing concerts, and doing ten things at the same time. ‘I can do this, too. I can do that too. “I have been hypnotizing and I knew it was not.” When I looked back, I thought, ‘It was too harsh for me. I’m sorry for me.’“I think I should take a breath and run around and look at it.”

seo hyun

“I don’t regret that I had the time to afford it because I lived so hard at the time, and now I have confidence in myself,” said Seo hun.

Seo hyun made his debut with K POP girl group ‘Girls’ Generation’ in 2007.
Among the eight members of Girls’ Generation, he is also the member who has performed the most acting activities with Soo young and Yo na.

seo hyun

In 2002, he was cast on the street in the subway in the fifth grade of elementary school, became a SM Entertainment trainee, and made his debut as a member of ‘Girls’ Generation’ at the age of 17 when he was a high school student.

In 2017, Seo hyun is an actor at SM Entertainment, a Girls’ Generation agency, transferring his affiliate to Tree Ectus.

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