Japanese coronavirus infected “I will spread the virus” visit the bar

Pneumonia symptoms during hospitalization treatment

A Japanese man who went to a bar died saying he would spread the virus.
On the 19th, after receiving a positive corona19, the Kyoto news agency said that a man who had physical contact with an employee at a bar died.
The man who died was a 57-year-old man living in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture, and died on the 18th during inpatient treatment at the hospital.
A man admitted to the hospital on the 5th showed fever and respiratory abnormalities. The cause of death is pneumonia due to corona19 infection.
The man also had hepatocellular carcinoma.
The man was positive for corona virus on the 4th.
The public health center asked the man to wait at home. The man said to his family, ‘I will spread the virus,’ and then went out in a taxi.
After that, I stayed for about 40 minutes at a 15-minute Filipino-style bar.
On a CCTV screen released by Japanese media, the man put his hand on the shoulder of the female industry and made physical contact.
Female employees who came into contact with men were negative during the Corona 19 test.
However, another female employee, who was not on the waiting sofa that the man lay on, was positive for Corona19.
Bar owner: The man visited the store on March 4, after 6 pm, and opened immediately after opening, but at first he was very quiet.
After that, I sang songs in the store with a happy request for songs from HOUNDDOG and Carol at the karaoke room.
6:30 PM
A common acquaintance has been told that the man said he was spraying the corona virus and went out to drink at home.
When I was embarrassed and confirmed to the store staff, I admitted that I was a positive person, so I immediately quit the shop and reported it to the health center and the police.

Aichi Prefecture Gamagorysi Coronavirus infection

The bar that the man visited was abandoned after disposing of the dishes he used in two places.
Bar owner: On the same day, the staff of the public health center ran to disinfect the inside and around the store, but the store was closed for the time being.
Even the employees who worked on the day were completely deprived of their place of life.
It’s like a ‘terrorism’. I want you to punish me severely.
Meanwhile, parents who lived with the deceased man were confirmed corona19 on the 3rd.

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