Hantavirus Infection Death! Vaccine is in China

In rats or rodents, infected viruses

  • Chinese Hantavirus Infection Death
  • vaccine-existing infectious disease

One person has died after being infected with a hantavirus spread by rodents in China.
On Sunday, Tianmo, a worker from Wonnan province, died on a bus.
He died as he passed Shaanxi Province on his way to Shandong Province; he was on his way to work.
After death, the test was tested positive for Hantavirus, and the Corona 19 test was negative.
Two of the people on the bus with Tian had fevers, and they are also being examined.
Infection with Hantavirus causes fever, bleeding and kidney damage.
Infection is caused by rodents. The infection between humans and humans has not yet been reported.
The hantavirus is diffused with mouse or rodent.It is caused by of the lung syndrome (HPS) or the nephrotic syndrome hemorrhagic feverThe incubation period is usually seven to two weeks.


Hantavirus symptoms include early symptoms such as exhaustion, vomiting, and facial flushing.
But you don’t have to worry.
The Hantavirus vaccine is in China.
The vaccine was already made 20 years ago and is being sold.

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