Ezra Miller video prank? truth?

Grab the smiling girl's neck and push ...

A video of actor Ezra Miller attacking a smiling girl has been released and shocked.
Some believe it is a prank or setting, but the embarrassed reaction of the cameraman confuses us.
The video in question is a video of a man who appears to be Miller, grabbing a woman’s neck and pushing it into the ground.
In the 15-second video, the man who looks like Miller speaks to a smiling girl. “Oh, do you want to fight? Is that what you want to do? ”
Then it seems to grab the woman’s neck and push it into the ground.
Then the cameraman says. “Wow! Brother! ”, The woman is shocked and gasped afterwards.
Many people who watched the video say there is an Iceland business logo on a truck parked in the background of the video.

In the video, it appears that the woman has already become out of control when her neck is grabbed.
Some people say that this video is a prank or setting, but the embarrassing response from the cameraman makes me think it may not be.
Regarding the video, Miller’s representative did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Whatever the truth of the matter, Ezra Miller has to answer the video.

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