Easter 2020 : Trump wants to open up to restart this country by Easter

Warning from health experts! What's President Trump's idea?

  • Trump Corona’s 19 review of street-keeping reduction
  • do not review blockade
  • Plan to normalize Easter country in 2020

“I want to open the door to this country until Easte Day, and “I want to start, and I’m in a state of tingling,” Trump told Fox News on Monday.
Mr. Trump’s comments mean he wants U.S. economic activity to resume by Easter.
On the 16th, Trump expressed his intention to slowly return the United States to normal, such as easing the guidelines after the end of the 30-day deadline for the application of the 15-day guideline announced to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

Will the U.S. economy normalize after Easter?

Mr. Trump’s comments differ from those of experts.
Experts warn that rapid normalization may increase the number of infected people as the number of people infected with coronavirus increases rapidly, and the number of home evacuation orders and business prohibitions increases.
However, President Trump says he can protect the public health and economy at the same time, saying that economic activity needs to be normalized.
In fact, President Trump said he will evaluate whether to set social distances and release isolation measures from next week to normalize the difficult economy.
“We will give you a little more time if you need more time at that time,” Trump said. “We need to reopen this country.We have to go back to work much faster than people thought,” he said.

Easter 2020
President Trump says in an interview with Fox News that he hopes to resume the economy by Easter 2020.
The American can go to work while keeping his own distance, he said, and he can wash his hands five times more than usual and stop shaking hands.
He also said that recessions and recessions could kill more people than Corona 19.
If social distance persists, it could lead to suicide and depression deaths, and tens of thousands of people said they die from seasonal flu or car accidents.
“The treatment (Corona 19) is worse than the problem itself,” Trump said. “If this continues, I think more people will die. We have to go back to work.”
“If we close it, we destroy the country,” he said. “Our country is not created to close it.”
Trump said of the state shutdown: “If you close it, it destroys the country. Our country is not created to close it.”
“The ultimate goal is to ease the guidelines and open up to very large sectors of our country by the end of our historical battle with our invisible enemies,” Trump said in a briefing on Coronavirus TF later in the day.

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