Decision to cancel Tokyo Olympics, delayed announcement of Prime Minister Abe

Tokyo Olympics Greece torch relay stopped in one day

  • Tokyo Olympic Preliminary Competition Cancellation
  • Tokyo Olympics Greece torch relay stopped in one day
  • Olympic cancellation Japan economy hit hard

There have been reports that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been canceled.
MONEY VOICE (Japan Economic Daily) 14th “Even President Trump mentioned the Tokyo Olympics acting, but the situation seems to be different. In fact, the suspension has already been decided, and the IOC has informed the JOC · Prime Minister that there is information.”
“If we announce the cancellation of the Olympics now, we are in a panic, so Prime Minister Abe is hesitant to announce it,” he said. “It’s not acting, it’s cancellation, and the competition itself is gone.”

Has the Tokyo Olympics been canceled?

On the evening of the 17th, the International Olympic Committee decided to hold an emergency video conference with representatives from all international organizations.
In order for athletes to qualify for the Olympics, they must pass qualifying matches at various international competitions or climb to a certain rank.
However, because of the spread of Corona 19, all international sporting events are being canceled.
The International Olympic Committee will discuss how to proceed with the Olympic-related international convention canceled at this meeting.

Tokyo Olympics Greece torch stopped in one day

The Tokyo Olympic torch began in Athens, Greece on the 12th.
However, the torch service in Greece was stopped in just one day because of concerns about corona virus infection.
On the 19th, an event that will be passed from Athens to Tokyo will be held privately.

Tokyo Olympics cancel Japan economy hit hard

Japan will host the Tokyo Olympics and the estimated amount of money to spend in the future is estimated to be around 3 trillion yen.
Japanese large-scale securities firm “SMBC Nikko Securities” predicted that if the Tokyo Olympics were canceled, Japan’s economic losses would reach 7.8 trillion yen if Japan’s consumption slowdown and trade impacts were combined.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at a press conference on the 14th, “I want to overcome the spread of infection and hold the Olympic Games as planned.”

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