Death, vegetative state! North Korean leader Kim Jong Un current position and health status?

Hong Kong media report on possible death of Kim Jong Un, Japanese media report on vegetative state

Hong Kong and Japanese media reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Eun was dead or in a vegetative state.
Hong Kong’s deputy director of HKSTV Hong Kong satellite television (the granddaughter of China’s foreign minister) quoted “very certain sources” and claimed that Kim Jong-un was dead.
She told Chinese social media, Weibo, and is widely shared.

According to another unidentified report by senior officials in Beijing, stent insertion surgery was wrong because the surgeon’s hand was so badly shaken.

Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai said Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state.
“The bombshell from Chinese medical officials,” said Daisuke Kondo, editor of Shukan Gendai, and said Kim Jong Un was in a plant state.
According to Shukan Gendai, Kim Jong Un recently collapsed by grabbing his heavy-tempered chest while inspecting the province.

The accompanying medical staff urgently massaged the heart and immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.
At the same time, North Korea urgently requested the dispatch of medical staff from China.
Chinese authorities sent 50 cardiologists and medical staff from the Puwai Hospital National Cardiovascular Center under the Chinese Academy in Beijing, and 301 hospitals in the People’s Liberation Army to Pyongyang as special equipment.

However, the North Korean authorities decided to urgently carry out stent surgery because they could not miss the golden time of heart disease.

The surgeon in charge of the surgery was a long-time cardiologist in China.
However, the doctor was too nervous to think that he was doing the best dignity, and he had no experience of operating an obese person as much as Kim Jong Eun.

It took eight minutes for the stent procedure, which usually takes one minute, and it took eight minutes, and the body did not turn blood, so it became a plant human condition because it could not supply oxygen to the brain.

“When Chinese medical staff arrived at the scene, there was no way to do it anymore,” said Daisuke Kondo, an editor of the Chinese medical department.
“It is hard to believe what a Chinese medical official told us, but there is a certain difference in North Korea,” said Kondo.

Rumors of Kim Jong-un’s death and vegetative human beings remain unidentified, and North Korean state media have not provided information on Kim Jong-un’s health or material.

38 North: Kim Jong Un found at a train station near a thermal-dimension resort facility
In a commercial satellite photo taken on the 21st and 223rd, 38 North, a U.S. media specializing in North Korea, said that a train estimated to be the train for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is located at a train station near the recreational facility in Wonsan.

Kim Jong Un

“The presence of trains does not prove the location of North Korean leaders or suggest anything to his health,” 38 North said. “But it adds weight to reports that Kim is staying in a high-level area on the eastern coast of North Korea.”
38 North said that part of the train, about 250 meters long, is covered by the station roof, but appears to be stopping for the use of the Kim Jong Un family.

The train was not seen in satellite photos taken on the 15th, but was confirmed in photos taken on the 21st and 23rd.
“The train arrived at some point before the minimum of twenty-one days ago, and on the 23rd it seemed to have adjusted its position for departure,” 38 North said. “But there was no suggestion when the train would start.”
Kim Jong-un has not been seen at the end of the Labor Party Political Bureau meeting in Pyongyang on November 11.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un did not attend his grandfather Kim Il Sung’s birthday celebration on April 15.

CNN reported on the 20th that Kim Jong Eun was in a dangerous condition after surgery, and Kim Jong Eun’s health abnormalities have been amplified since then.“We believe that Chairman Kim is currently staying in the provinces with his aides,” a senior official at the Cheong Wa Dae said on Monday. “Chairman Kim seems to be working normally.”

In addition, US President Donald Trump said at a White House press conference on the 23rd that CNN reported that “they were cutting old documents,” he said, “the report is inaccurate.”
It has been two weeks since North Korean media have not revealed Kim Jong Un.

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