Coronavirus self-test olfactory, taste loss

Coronavirus infection should be suspected in case of loss of taste or smell.

  • Korean coronavirus infected olfactory taste problem
  • Coronavirus self-test olfactory, taste issues

If you have problems with taste or smell, you should suspect coronavirus.
In Daegu, the country’s largest coronavirus-infected population, 15% of them had problems with smell and taste.
Daegu City Medical Association surveyed over 3,100 people infected with coronavirus on the phone from March 8 to 24.
As a result of the investigation, 480 people (15%) had problems with smell and taste.
Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) says that the symptoms of corona19 are fever and respiratory symptoms.
However, according to a Korean survey, coronavirus infection can be suspected when there are problems with taste and smell.
The British Rhinological Society and the ENT UK said on the 22nd, “Some of the corona19 confirmed patients in Korea, China and Italy developed olfactory taste disorders.”
He also said, “Especially if the elderly have an olfactory disorder, they need to be quarantined for a week.”
The US medical community also said that in the event of a sense of smell and taste, corona19 should be tested.


On the 23rd, the American Otorhinolaryngology Society published a study showing that loss of smell, loss of smell, and abnormal taste may be corona19 symptoms.
“In the case of loss of smell, it is a symptom in asymptomatic corona19-positive patients,” said the Otolaryngology Society.
“When this symptom occurs, self-isolation and diagnostic tests should be taken seriously,” he said.
To date, the symptoms of corona19 have been fever, coughing, shortness of breath, muscle pain, fatigue, headache, sore throat, and runny nose.
These symptoms are similar to colds. However, if the investigation causes problems with smell and taste, Corona19 should be suspected.
In particular, it is known that even those who have no symptoms have problems with smell and taste.
The Corona19 self-test should look at olfactory and taste issues.

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