Coronavirus Korea: Development of a new infection test in 15 minutes

Judgment of virus infection by color change like pregnancy test

  • Korean coronavirus new test test cost $ 8
  • Judgment of virus infection by color change like pregnancy test

In Korea, we developed a test that can confirm the results of coronavirus in 15 minutes.
“For the Corona 19 test results, we have to wait at least 6 hours, but we have developed a new test that can see the results in 15 minutes,” said the POSTECH research team. Said.
According to the researchers, there are currently three methods of coronavirus testing.
Molecular testing, antigen / antibody, cell culture, etc.
Of these, the current coronavirus test is a molecular test.
The test results are sensitive and accurate. However, it takes 6 hours to send the sample to a specialized institution and receive the results.
It also takes at least six hours to test and is expensive.

POSTECH Coronavirus Easy Test Development

The team said the new test was similar to a pregnancy test.
This is because the color change determines whether or not there is a virus infection.
And the new test, the team said, is “Bio Cellex.”
The results of this research were published in the recent issue of Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, a renowned academic journal in the related field, and in the recent issue of the Journal of the British Royal Journal of Chemistry.
The research was conducted by POSTECH’s Department of Life Sciences, Professor Seunggi Jang, Dr. Jun-Young Kwon, and Dr. Narayan.
The research team developed the diagnostic method in collaboration with the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology equipped with the facility to cultivate Corona 19 and the world’s first nationally recognized aptamer diagnostic method (lung cancer).

The team hopes the new diagnostic method will shorten testing time and can be used to develop Corona19 therapeutics. It can also be used for other new virus tests, he added.
Prof. Seunggi Jang: Post-tech aptamer development is expected to take about two months, and it is expected that it will take about 4 to 5 months to apply the new diagnostic method to the medical field after government approval.
Professor Seung-Gi Jang said, “So far, the cost of corona19 tests is about 200,000 won ($ 157), but if related devices and drugs are mass-produced, the cost of new diagnostics can be reduced to 10,000 won ($ 8).”

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