Coronavirus Covid-19: Over 18,000 Americans infected. Why spread quickly?

5,000 increase overnight! Scary spread

More than 18,000 American Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections were reported by CNN.
Why are Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections spreading rapidly in the United States?
There is an analysis that the reason is the quick inspection.
The United States is now able to do tens of thousands of tests a day, which has resulted in many infections.
Debbie Bucks White House Corona 19 Task Force Coordinator said on the 18th, “With the introduction of a new testing platform, we will be able to do tens of thousands of tests a day.”
The number of infected people in the United States is skyrocketing, but the government has already anticipated it.
Johns Hopkins University counted more infected than CNN.
Total number of Johns Hopkins infected: 19,101
The United States is now the sixth most infected country after China, Italy, Spain, Germany and Iran. However, as the number of infected people continues to increase, it is expected to catch up with the leading countries.

The largest number of infected people is New York, which is now 2,000 more than the day before 7,102.
New Jersey, adjacent to New York, has 890 people, 155 more than the previous day.

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