China Re-occurs with Korean Corona Virus

110,000 Chinese tests, 119 infecting Itaewon Club in Korea

A local infection occurred for the first time since the blockade was lifted on April 8 due to the corona virus in Wuhan, Wubei Province, China.

On March 13, Gwangmyeong Province of China announced that it had blocked the area from November 11 after a total of six corona viruses were confirmed on the 9th and 10th in Sanmin area of ​​Changqing Street, Dongxifugu, Wuhan City.

Wuhan City has begun large-scale nucleic acid tests in the Sanmin area and surrounding areas along with the blockade of the Sanmin area, and about 70,000 people are reported to be targeted.

Corona Virus

China’s coronavirus infections are 82,926 and the death toll is 4,633.
There are 78,189 people who have been cured and 104 are currently undergoing treatment.
In addition, eight people were infected with asymptomatic infections on the 12th, and a total of 750 people were counted.
A symptom-free person is a person who has no special symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, but is positive in Corona 19 test.

Earlier, Wuhan sent a notice to 10 million residents on the 11th that they would conduct a corona virus test for 10 days, Chinese media said.

Corona Virus

In addition to China, new infections of corona virus are occurring in Korea.
In Korea, the corona virus group infection occurred again at the Itaewon club.
As of March 13, 119 people have been infected with corona virus related to Itaewon Club, and the infected people are spreading nationwide, mainly visitors to Itaewon entertainment facilities, for the May holiday in Korea.

69 in Seoul, 23 in Gyeonggi, 15 in Incheon, 15 in Chungbuk, 4 in Busan, 1 in Jeonbuk, Gyeongnam and Jeju.
By age, 73 people in their 20s, 23 people in their 30s, 6 people in their 40s, 3 people in their 50s and 60s, respectively, and 11 people under the age of 19 became infected.

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