Canadian Corona 19 three states declared emergency

Canada, the United States, part of the border closed All travel prohibited

  • 598 people infected with canadian coronavirus
  • British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta Health Emergency Declaration
  • Canada, the United States and some borders closed

With the rapid spread of 598 coronavirus infections in Canada, the state is proclaiming an emergency.
On the 17th, three state governments, British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, declared a public health emergency.
The state has taken steps to enforce public administration to close public service facilities, to ban restaurants and theaters, and to keep people away.
British Columbia has closed schools in kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools indefinitely.
The City of Toronto, Ontario, prohibits the public from entering the city hall and requires only essential business personnel.
The Canadian federal government is reviewing the state of emergency law to strengthen and expand the nation’s administrative power to deal with Corona19.
The government has decided to convene a pending House of Representatives to expedite the $ 25 billion Canadian budget for the Corona19 emergency.


Canadian coronavirus deaths are mainly elderly

In Canada, the number of coronavirus infections increased by 151 from the previous day, with a total of 598.
Four more were killed, and a total of eight are now dead.
Two residents of a long-term care facility in North Vancouver, near Vancouver, British Columbia, died, and a man in his 70s died in Ontario.
British Columbia has a total of six deaths living in North Vancouver’s care facilities.
British Columbia has a total of 186 people with 83 coronavirus infections.
Ontario increased by 23, resulting in 190 infections, 97 in Alberta, 74 in Quebec, and 15 in Manitoba.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “Administrative regulations to combat Corona19 may continue in the coming months. Please stay as long as possible. ”

Canada, the United States and some borders closed

Some borders are closed to prevent the spread of Corona19 in the United States and Canada.
Globe and Mail reported that the government of the United States and Canada will release an agreement on Friday to ban all travel for the time being, except for trade and essential exchanges.
An official said, “The transportation of medical supplies, food, etc. and the trade of automobile parts will be excluded from travel bans.”
CNN reported, “We are discussing to scope the non-essential travel, but the trade will continue.”

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