Canada will not attend unless Tokyo Olympics are postponed for a year! Declaration

Abe's first Olympic postponement remarks

  • I will not attend the Tokyo Olympics in Canada if it is not postponed for one year.
  • The health and safety of the players and the world is important
  • Abe makes first acting remarks at Tokyo Olympics
  • The IOC’s existing position has not changed.

With the outbreak of coronaviruses, many countries are taking measures such as social streets, closures, and closures, attention is focused on the Tokyo Olympics scheduled for July.
The Olympics is a festival of people all over the world, and athletes, cheerleaders, visitors, and reporters gather in many countries.
With coronaviruses spreading, the gathering of many people around the world is to create a pathway for the virus to spread.
Also, athletes participating in the Olympics are not able to maximize their ability due to anxiety about the virus.
With many countries raising concerns about the Tokyo Olympics, the country that declared it would not attend the Olympics came out for the first time.
Canada said on Tuesday that if the Tokyo Olympics are not postponed for one year, it will not attend the Olympics.
Canada became the first country to declare that the Olympics would not be postponed and would be absent if it was to be held in July.
The Canadian Olympic Organizing Committee (COC) said on the 22nd that it had made a difficult decision not to send Canadian athletes unless the demands for postponement were accepted under the support of the COC and the CPC Organizing Committee for the Disabled.
The International Olympic Organizing Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Organizing Committee (ICP), and the World Health Organization (WHO) request a one-year postponement of the Olympics and promise to fully cooperate if postponed.I know that it is complicated to postpone the Olympics, but nothing is more important than the health and safety of the athletes and the world. ”

People are gathering to see the 2020 Tokyo Olympic torch displayed at Sendai Station in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Tokyo Olympics Japan’s Position

Japan has been in a position to hold the Tokyo Olympics normally.
On the 23rd, Abe said he would proceed with the Olympics as scheduled at the House of Councilors’ budget committee, saying, “If it is difficult, we can not help but judge the Olympic postponement because we consider the athletes first.”
“The IOC will make judgments on the Tokyo Olympics, but I think the IOC is also the same because the minimum is not in the option,” Abe said.
Meanwhile, the IOC said that the IOC position has not changed from the existing position.

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