BTS: Corona 19 World Tour partially canceled, scheduled to be rescheduled

Can BTS see the San Francisco performance on April 25?

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With Corona’s global pandemic, BTS’s World Tour performance has decided to cancel some of it or adjust its schedule.
BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment told the fan community on Monday that “in some countries and cities, there is a high level of uncertainty that it is difficult to prepare the performance normally.As a result, some performances will be canceled or the schedule will be changed. ”
Big Hit Entertainment said, “We are closely watching the situation of the countries and cities to be performed.
We will decide on the cancellation of the performance and the change of the schedule in order to cooperate with the recommendations and guidelines of each government, local governments and theaters for the health and safety of all. ”
“We are doing our best in various ways to carry out the scheduled performance.“If the Corona situation is stable, we are preparing a plan to secure a schedule and a venue so that we can hold performances,” he said.

BTS World Tour

BTS has been scheduled to have a world tour under the name of Map of the Soul Tour since April.
BTS’ world tour confirmed its performances in 18 cities around the world, including Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.
However, four performances at the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul, Korea, were canceled with Corona 19, and the reservation schedule was postponed in Europe.
The performance at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, USA, will be performed for the first time on April 25-26 due to the cancellation of the performance in Seoul.
However, Levi’s Stadium was also recently closed with Corona 19.
The BTS selling the regular 4th album Map of the Soul:7 album on March 21, and set the best sales record.

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