Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds gives birth to son

The prime minister's spokesman, mother and son are both healthy

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister’s Office said on Monday that Johnson’s medical married daughter, Carrie Simmons, 32, gave birth to boys.

“We are very pleased to announce that the prime minister and Miss Simmons had given birth to a healthy baby boy at a London hospital this morning,” the spokesman said. “Both mothers and children are healthy.”
“The Prime Minister and Miss Simmons thanked the fantastic National Health Service obstetrics and gynecology team,” he said.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly continued to watch the birth process of his fiancee in hospital.
A spokesman for the prime minister’s office said Mr Johnson returned to work in the afternoon and will be on maternity leave later.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in isolation at his home after being diagnosed with Corona virus positive on 27th of last month.

Since then, he has been treated at the hospital as his condition deteriorates.
Simmons also had a suspected corona virus, but recovered a week later.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson ♥ Carrie Simmons

Mr Johnson revealed his marriage late last year, and said his fiancee was pregnant in February and was due to give birth in the summer.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and fiancee Simmons live in the Prime Minister’s residence (ten Downing Street) without marrying.

It is also the first couple to enter the prime minister’s residence without marriage.
Mr Johnson and his fiancee Carisimonz, 32, majored in art history at Warwick University and consulted under several politicians; he was later appointed Conservative communications chief and made friendships with politicians.

It is the first time a sitting prime minister has had a child in the UK since Prime Minister David Cameron in August 2010.
“I sincerely congratulate Johnson and Simmons,” Cameron said on Twitter. “I am sorry to leave my baby bed. Instead, I left a jungle gym in the garden. “He left a message of congratulations to Johnson and Simmons.
Boris Johnson’s sixth son
The son is the first child for Simmons and the sixth for Johnson.

In 1987, Mr Johnson married Allegra Mostyn Owen, an Oxford University alumnus.
But when the affair with Marina Hiller (Mrs. Twice) became known, he divorced Owen.

Johnson and Wheeler, who have four children, but agreed to divorce after ending their 25-year marriage in February.

Mr Johnson also had a daughter in a marriage relationship with art consultant Helen McKittyre.

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