Boris Johnson Hospital Admission 'Prevention Level'

After a positive coronavirus, the fever does not disappear

  • Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Simmons is corona-positive
  • Queen Elizabeth II’s TV special speech
  • UK Coronavirus No. 2 global leader

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was positive for coronavirus, was admitted to the hospital.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson was judged positive for coronavirus on March 27.
In a Twitter video, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had mild symptoms and was in quarantine.
The prime minister did not recover from containment, and continued to show fever for ten days.
In response to this, the prime minister decided to be admitted to the hospital.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been positively tested and has been in state affairs in the prime minister’s office.


Officials from the Prime Minister’s Office thank Boris Johnson for the hard work of the UK National Health Service (NHS) staff. He told the people to keep following the government’s stay at home guidelines even to protect the NHS’s efforts and save lives.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in charge of state affairs. The Corona 19 meeting on the morning of the 6th is expected to be presided over by the foreign minister, the BBC said.
Boris Johnson’s girlfriend, Carrie Simmons, also showed symptoms of corona and had been isolated for a week, but is now recovering.
Queen Elizabeth II appealed to the British to unite to fight Corona 19 on TV.
Queen Elizabeth’s TV speech was the fifth very special speech in her 68-year term.
Currently, there are over 48,000 corona19 confirmed in the UK. The number of deaths has reached 5,000.
The UK is the world’s second-largest country following the United States as the new coronavirus standard.

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