BLACKPINK Releases New Songs August 28

BLACKPINK unveils new song poster for NEWSINGLE RELEASE

K POP star Black Pink (BLACKPINK) will release a new song on August 28.

BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment released a poster called NEW SINGLE RELEASE on its official blog at 9 am on the 4th.

Black Pink has been on the top of the Korean music charts with its title “How You Like That” released in June, and has already recorded a variety of K POP records on YouTube.

black pink

How You Like That has recorded the top of the K POP girl group by recording not only Perfect Olkil but also 13 music broadcasts, 2nd place on the Sporty Global Top 50 chart, 20th on the UK Official Singles Chart, and 33rd on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts on Korea’s major music charts including Melon.

YouTube was listed on Guinness World Records in five categories, including the highest number of videos within 24 hours, and surpassed 100 million views, 200 million views and 300 million views in the shortest time of music videos.

Black Pink is not only popular but also an artist, which also draws musical acclaim.
The global music magazine Tracklist, which is recognized for its authority in the field of music criticism, selects the top 50 artists worldwide every year, and Black Pink ranked 33rd in this ranking recently announced on Twitter.
BLACKPINK This year, it was the top K-pop singer.

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