3,100 people infected with Coronavirus in New York

Governor's Army Corps of Engineers Requesting Operation

CNN reported on the 15th that “1,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in two days.”
The number of coronavirus patients in the United States is currently 3,100.
It is an increase of 1,000 people in two days after 2,000 infected people occurred on the 13th.
Of the 3,100 infected, 62 were killed.
40 people in Washington, 5 in California, 4 in Florida, 3 in New York, 2 in Louisiana, 2 in New Jersey, 1 in Colorado, Georgia, Kansas and South Dakota.
Coronavirus has expanded to all 49 states in the United States and Washington DC except West Virginia.

New York coronavirus

New York Gov. Andrew Mark Cuomo said the number of people infected with coronavirus increased to 729, and that New York became the most patient state, surpassing Washington.
Governor Cuomo asked President Trump to operate an army engineer unit to prepare for emergency medical facilities.
It is to use military bases and school dormitories as temporary medical facilities by using engineer units.
“It’s a national disaster,” Kuromo said, “and the mobilization of active-duty troops would not be a violation of federal law, and we still don’t have enough room, but that’s our best hope.”

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